Silver Coin Database

Silver Coin Database

The Silver Coin Database is a simple a straightforward resource for coin collectors, or anyone interested in making some money off their change. It provides information and images of coins from around the world which contain silver.

You can download the app here:
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If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions leave a comment below!

15 thoughts on “Silver Coin Database”

    1. The app currently contains mostly circulation coins from the past 100 years or so. As far as I know, no Chinese coins fit that criteria. However, I’m not an expert and I also have no issue adding coins outside that description. If you have a recommendation to be added I’ll probably put it in.

    1. There currently is not. That is actually a really good idea for a future update, so thanks! Also, if you have good quality, but reasonably small, pictures of coins, you can send them to and they will probably make the next update.

      Unfortunately it will most likely be about 6 months before any new updates come out, as I am out of the country and do not have access to things I need to publish updates.

  1. Hi there, great work is a very useful app.
    Sorry my english, is not my mother language.
    Any chance to improve search engine with query like mintage year, silver % content, face value, etc, in next updates?

    1. Sorry it took so long to reply, for some reason WordPress marked this comment as spam. Anyway, I thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely look into implementing an advanced search in a future update.

      1. Is there any way users can add/upload images of coins that are listed in in database but don’t yet have images?
        It’s just that world “Junk”/Circulation silver coinage is my main area of expertise & as such I have many images that would help complete the database.

  2. I’m not sure why my last comment didn’t show up so…here goes again!

    Thanks for the great app! I look forward to you adding more pictures of the coins. I also have a small suggestion: can you please add the silver melt values for each coin? I for one would be interested in the prices. Thanks!

  3. Hi, can you please add some more coins such as .999 silver coins like Silver American Eagles, or Canadian maples? Or even add some categories such as 90% silver, 35% silver, .999 silver……. thanks and you can email me at

  4. This app has been a waste of TIME, I have tried to use it on 2 occ. And probably should have uninstalled it on first try. I downloaded this on google play for use on my noon hd. I claims to be compat. But a waste of time, it crashes before opening and blames it on a network or wi-fi issue. I checked all and my systems are A+ .I am deleteing this nd reccmend you remove it from google play or elsewhere that you may be wasting what is most valuable these days, TIME.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! That’s currently 2nd on my to-do list. In the mean-time, if you email a picture of a coin not in the database to, I’ll put it in the database so everyone can see it.

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