HoneyBadger 4.2

This update has a bug fix and several efficiency improvements.

Fix: same as update 4.11 – I forgot that I basically do the same thing twice in my code, thus had the error twice. Oops.

Improvement 1: Eliminated separate script classes in favor of methods. This will should result in a slight though probably unnoticeable¬†performance improvement since it doesn’t require calling a bunch of services, reduces sized of project, and is easier to code.

Improvement 2: I noticed the database of malicious IP addresses I’ve been using contains a lot of duplicates. Piping the IP addresses through the uniq command cuts the number of rules neccessary by almost 50%.

Improvement 3: For some reason I assumed Java had nothing more efficient for string building that String += otherString. StringBuilder is much better. Should result in noticeable performance improvements.

Improvement/Fix: I fixed the issue with requirements warning not being displayed and added a warning for phones which are not rooted or have not given the app SU permissions.

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