Honeybadger Firewall 4.5

Update: Removed download; up-to-date version available on Google Play. So… I made a pretty solid update the the Honeybadger Firewall; fixed the issues with some devices not loading rules on reboot or logging not working and improved database performance. Unfortunately, I’m in Afghanistan for the next several months, and I forgot to save my signature … Continue reading “Honeybadger Firewall 4.5”

HoneyBadger 4.2

This update has a bug fix and several efficiency improvements. Fix: same as update 4.11 – I forgot that I basically do the same thing twice in my code, thus had the error twice. Oops. Improvement 1: Eliminated separate script classes in favor of methods. This will should result in a slight though probably unnoticeable¬†performance … Continue reading “HoneyBadger 4.2”

Honeybadger Update 4.0

I published an update (4.0) to the Honeybadger Firewall. The biggest change is that I converted it over to using an action bar using ActionBarSherlock. I also partially implemented a content provider for my databases to come into line with standard practice and implemented searching of ListFragments using a SearchView and OnQueryTextListener. If anyone has … Continue reading “Honeybadger Update 4.0”