Using a Raspberry Pi to Access ESXi VMs

If you’re setting up a VM lab for multiple users and need a cheap solution for access, the Raspberry Pi could be a good solution. The following is a guide for accessing ESXi guides from a Pi. Requirements: Fully Functioning Raspberry Pi Running Raspbian Server Running ESXi (Free Version Works) Windows Machine with vSphere Sources: … Continue reading “Using a Raspberry Pi to Access ESXi VMs”

Honeybadger Firewall 4.5

Update: Removed download; up-to-date version available on Google Play. So… I made a pretty solid update the the Honeybadger Firewall; fixed the issues with some devices not loading rules on reboot or logging not working and improved database performance. Unfortunately, I’m in Afghanistan for the next several months, and I forgot to save my signature … Continue reading “Honeybadger Firewall 4.5”

HoneyBadger 4.2

This update has a bug fix and several efficiency improvements. Fix: same as update 4.11 – I forgot that I basically do the same thing twice in my code, thus had the error twice. Oops. Improvement 1: Eliminated separate script classes in favor of methods. This will should result in a slight though probably unnoticeable¬†performance … Continue reading “HoneyBadger 4.2”

Honeybadger Update 4.0

I published an update (4.0) to the Honeybadger Firewall. The biggest change is that I converted it over to using an action bar using ActionBarSherlock. I also partially implemented a content provider for my databases to come into line with standard practice and implemented searching of ListFragments using a SearchView and OnQueryTextListener. If anyone has … Continue reading “Honeybadger Update 4.0”

Paper Published

A paper that myself and a few other people wrote discussing smartphone security and the development of security apps was recently published by the Proceedings of the National Conference on Undergraduate Research. The paper was written in conjunction with the development of two CS capstone projects, one of which was the Honeybadger Firewall. Further information … Continue reading “Paper Published”